madhatters in history


The Madhatters began in 1997, as the first a cappella on the UW campus. There are two schools of thought on the origin of the Madhatters: first, that the founding members loved to sing, and formed the group after choir rehearsals. The other, that the founders needed a way to fund their libation habits, discovered they could sing, and began charging people for concerts. We don’t know if either is true, but that, as they say, is Hatters History. 


The musical prowess of the Madhatters has taken them to sometimes unbelievable heights. From performing at the UW Band Concert, to singing at Miller Park, the Governor’s Mansion, Lambeau field, and the White House (twice!), the Madhatters have performed at places that no irresponsible college student belongs. And the Gentlemen in Red are no strangers to the recording studio. Their 8 albums have been greeted with acclaim both in the Madison community and abroad, with their most recent album, Red White and Blazers, released back in 2011, having received critical acclaim from my mother. The group is hard at work on their 9th studio album, which is currently untitled. (Got a great title idea? Send us a message on Facebook!)